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How do I add a member whose GHIN number can't be found?

If you're trying to add a member with a previous GHIN number in memberplanet and the system is telling you "No Member Found", you'll need to use the "New Account" option

Sometimes (for a few different reasons) memberplanet won't be able to find a member who has a previous GHIN# when you're trying to add them to your club. This could be because their GHIN# has been removed after years of inactivity or because they've given you the incorrect GHIN#. If you believe this may be the case, search for their number within the USGA Admin Portal to see if a profile exists under their name (if you're unable to or not sure, contact us).

Often when a member can't be found, it is due to the member being from out of state or a different association. When this problem arises, you can add them via the "New Account" option in memberplanet. When doing so, you will be prompted to add their information and at the bottom of the screen you will notice a box to input their GHIN#. This will allow the system to find their previous number and add them accordingly. 

memberplanet add out of state (screenshot)