How do I post my scores on the NCGA app?

Please note: the myNCGA app is retiring 10/01/22. Learn More.

*Be sure that you have the most recent version of the app installed on your device as we are constantly making changes to improve your experience*


1. When the app opens, you will be on the main screen.

2. You will see your:


     -GHIN number 

     -Current handicap index at the top. (If for some reason it opens on another screen, you can         get back there by clicking on the Golf flag icon in the lower left of the bottom navigation bar.)

3. You will see 4 buttons, click on the top left one – Post Score (pencil icon). For a shortcut, you can also click on the pencil icon in the middle of the lower navigation bar.

4. There are 4 tabs: 





5. Unless you are posting to one of your recent or favorite courses, you will most likely click on Search to find the course.

6. Select either 9 holes or 18 and the tees you played.

7. Make sure you have the correct date.

8. There are a couple of options for posting. You can enter your adjusted gross score or select the new hole-by-hole option. (Some courses are not yet available for hole-by-hole scoring).

9. If you are entering your adjusted 18-hole gross score, you can input the front 9 and back 9 or the total 18-hole score.

10. Click on the Post Score button, that’s it.