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How to Create a Payment Form

Payment Forms can be used for contactless payment - and they're available free of charge in your club's NCGA MMS/memberplanet account.

We are happy to provide NCGA member clubs with the tools to set up contactless payments through our NCGA Member Management Solution, memberplanet. This is another great feature of the platform that is available to your club FREE OF CHARGE. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the payment forms option. We have included a sample Payment Form below, Do’s and Don’ts of payment forms, as well as a full list of links to help you get started. 


Sample Payment Form


Video Tutorials for Setting Up Your Payment Forms:

Payment Form Set Up

Payment Form Optimization

Financial Reports

Below are a number of additional resources with step-by-step instructions on completing these tasks within your payment form as a reference. 

Please find below a few other Do’s and Don'ts for payment forms. Please heed these Do’s and Don’ts as they are very important to ensure that your club has the smoothest possible experience collecting contactless payments. 

If you have any questions or concerns about creating contactless payment forms, please contact memberplanet support first. Their support team would be happy to assist with going through your questions. Better safe than sorry: please ask so our team can help you avoid making any accidental, irreversible changes.



  • Set up a text message alert for form submissions (one option that other clubs are doing, in order to not have to use their personal number is purchase a prepaid phone, such as a trac phone, to use at your club)
  • Do contact NCGA if you need to add additional admins with “View access” for your payment forms, to allow other admins to assist in pulling reports for orders
  • Use the “Close item” option if a payment item is no longer available to purchase
  • If you need to re-do all your payment items, use the copy option for the payment form to quickly reproduce the form and make changes on the new form, rather than on the form that has already had purchases



  • Once you begin using your payment form, do not remove, delete or move around your payment items. Changing the names of the payment items will cause reconciliation issues as the payment items already purchased within the payment form, will not move from their original place to a new location
  • Use the “Pay by Mail” option under payment forms. NCGA clubs are not eligible to use Pay by Mail to collect payments on payment forms
  • Change around the URL for your current payment forms once you have already shared it on social media


Create a payment form

Create a payment form using a template

Create a payment form from scratch

Add and edit payment items

Get the link to your payment form

Copy or customize the form URL

Collect payments with the mobile app

Select a bank account to deposit funds

Copy an existing payment form

Manage payment alerts via email

Set up a text message notification

Manage payment alerts

Add a thank-you message

Assign the convenience fee to the payer

Close a form or set close date

Customize the message shown when the form has closed

View payment form reports

How to issue a refund for a collected payment