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I am playing against golfers who wish to play against a different set of tees than me. Can we still have an equitable competition?

Yes, in fact the new World Handicap System has mad a slight change so that this is taken care of in the course rating calculation. You can get more detail on this in the USGA documentation (see #10)

If you are using the NCGA mobile app’s HCP Calculator, you can easily check this.

When you get to the screen with your course handicap for course and tees you are playing, the number on the left in orange, labelled C.H. is your course handicap for that round. The other 2 numbers are for when you add other players, and they show the relative strokes difference or ‘shots off’.

To add golfers, click on the + sign on the right top to get the ‘Add Golfer’ screen. If you have previously added Partners, they will show up in that tab, or you can use the other tabs to add someone by GHIN #, search by name, or manually add them by name and index. As you add golfers, their course handicap will appear as the middle ‘ADJ’ number and the stroke difference will appear as the right ‘SHOTS OFF’ number.

There is a drop-down arrow for the tees in  case they are playing a different set of tees, click on that and it will re-calculate.