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Importing and Updating Master Roster from GHIN

For USGA TM Club customers, importing and updating a master roster is very easy. In this article, we will discuss how you can do both.

Importing Initial Roster from GHIN:

Go to Customer Center > Master Roster > Import Master Roster from GHIN. Our system will then connect with GHIN and upload your members. When the process is finished, the master roster will be filled in with the following data from GHIN:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • GHIN number
  • Handicap Index
  • Affiliation

(Note: All of the players on the master roster will be listed as a member in the "Member or Guest" field. In TPP the master roster was a collection of all golfers ever registered in an event, both members and guest. In TM Club, we only have members in the master roster).

Updating Master Roster from GHIN:

It is likely that you will have changes in your GHIN master roster throughout the year (e.g., new members etc). Because of this, you will need to refresh the Master Roster from time to time. To do this, go to Customer Center > Master Roster > Refresh Master Roster from GHIN (as shown below).


If you already have a master roster uploaded and maintained through another source like Jonas, Clubessential, or MembersFirst AND you click on "Refresh Master Roster from GHIN", the data will be merged from your current TM Club Master Roster and the GHIN Master roster. 

Sometimes there may be conflicts during this process where a name does not match up with a GHIN number or a GHIN number from the GHIN database does not match the GHIN number in the current master roster. If this does happen, you will be asked to resolve all the conflicts. To resolve the conflict, simply match the players using the dropdown on the right (as shown below).