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Quick Event Setup

Quick Event Setup is a great way of setting up your one-round events all on one page with a friendly design and intuitive flow. Select the basic event settings, choose a simple competition, and select the scorecard. Add players to instantly populate the tee sheet and easily move players using the “drag and drop” method. Within minutes, you can have your event setup complete and scorecards printed.

You can also navigate from Quick Event Setup to the Manager Site to access features and tools not available in the Quick Event Setup (e.g., setting up multiple tournaments, creating Divisions/Flights/Teams, creating more customizable printed material, and using Live Scoring and the Mobile App).

In this article, we will discuss how to set up and manage events using Quick Event Setup. Before continuing to the article, we suggest watching this short introductory video on Quick Event Setup.



Creating the Event:

To create an event using Quick Event Setup, go to Customer Center > Quick Event Setup.

Enter the event name, then select the category and season. Click "Get Started".

(Note: Quick Event Setup is only available for events that were initially created using this setup method.)

The Quick Event Setup page consists of four sections: Event Setup, Competition & Scorecard, Players, and Printed Materials.


Event Setup Section: 

The Event Setup section includes the general settings for the event.

  • Event Date: Select the date of the one-round event. A round will be created.
  • Course/Tee: Select the course/tee being played. If multiple tees are being played, select the tee that is primarily used. Tees can be changed for individual players (if needed) later in the setup.
  • Pairing Group Size: Select the size of the pairing groups on the tee sheet. This will determine the number of available player slots available for each pairing group. 
  • Number of Pairing Groups: Enter the number of pairing groups on the tee sheet. This selection will determine the number of pairing groups available on the tee sheet. If you need to add more pairing group rows at any time during the setup, you can increase the number here.
  • Tee Times: If the players on the tee sheet are to be organized by tee time, then select this option. Enter the time of the first tee time, starting hole, tee time interval, and starter's time (if any).



  • Shotgun: If the players on the tee sheet are to be organized by starting hole for a shotgun, then select this option. Enter the starting time of the shotgun and the starting hole. Below, the number of pairing groups on each hole will be listed. If you have the shotgun priority set up for the course, it will be used to determine how many pairing groups will start on each hole. You can always override the holes to be used by re-entering the numbers in each cell.


    You can also exit the Quick Event Setup and go to the Calendar in the Manager Site to add additional rounds and change round dates. You can always come back to Quick Event Setup if needed.



Competition & Scorecard Section:

The Competition & Scorecard section allows you to set up an optional tournament competition and select a desired scorecard template.


By default, there is no tournament competition. If you'd like to add a tournament competition, select "Setup a tournament and optional skins" which will allow you to set up a tournament using a simplified version of the standard tournament setup page (as shown below).

You cannot select divisions, teams, and a few other advanced options (such as cut lines). However, you can set up most tournaments typically played in a one-round event, including Match Play, Stroke Play, and Stableford formats. Competition types include: Scramble, Four-Ball, Best Ball of 4, Advanced Balls, and much more. You can also use the Advanced Handicap Options.

Also keep in mind that you cannot select and use a tournament that has been created in the Manager Site. You can only select and use tournaments created in Quick Events.

Create skins tournaments by selecting "Gross Skins" and/or "Net Skins". Enter the entry fee for the skins tournament(s). This will determine the total pot of the skins tournament and will pay out "pro rata". Say for instance 20 players entered a skins tournament with a $10 entry fee and 4 skins were won. Each skin would be worth $50 ($200/4).

As you are adding players to the event in the "Players" section of the setup, you can select whether or not to include them in the skins tournament (More on this later). 

You can select a scorecard from your Scorecard Library. If you would prefer to design your own scorecard,  you will need to exit Quick Event Setup and navigate to the Manager Site.

You can also exit Quick Event Setup and go to Divisions/Flights/Teams in the Manager site to create and manage divisions, flights, and teams. You can always come back to Quick Event Setup if needed.



Players Section:

In this section, you can import players into the event from various sources and place them on the bench or tee sheet. The bench serves as a staging area from which players may be moved to and from the tee sheet, while still being in the event.

Select the import source:

  1. Master RosterSearch and select players one-by-one using the Quick Search Mode. Or select multiple players at once from your Master Roster.
  2. My GHIN Roster (USGA TM users only): Search and select players from your club.
  3. All GHIN (USGA TM users only): Search and select players from any GHIN club.
  4. Spreadsheet: Import a spreadsheet of players and their information.
  5. Manual Entry: Enter players and their information one at a time.

Select the player destination. They can go to the bench or tee sheet.

  1. Bench: This is the holding area where they are entered into the event, but not yet on the tee sheet. They can be moved from the bench to the tee sheet later. You can also move all the bench players to the tee sheet together using methods like ABCD, AB, and entry number.
  2. Tee Sheet: They can be placed directly on the tee sheet, bypassing the bench. They can then be moved throughout the tee sheet or back to the bench.

If using "Quick Search", enter the player's name in the search field, select the tee, indicate whether or not they are participating in the skins tournament (if any), and click "Add Player".

The sequence below illustrates this process.

Let's look at another example where we are importing multiple players from the Master Roster by selecting them from the Master Roster and placing them on the bench. At the time of import, the Default tee was selected as well as the gross skins tournament. So, all of the imported players will be placed on the bench, assigned to their Default tee, and entered into the gross skins tournament.

Players can be moved from the bench to the tee sheet or vice versa using the "drag and drop" method. They can also be moved throughout the tee sheet. In the example below, we are moving a player from the bench to an empty tee time in the tee sheet, then moving other players (currently on the tee sheet) to that tee time.

Other functions available in the Players Section:

  • Add TBD: If you would like to hold a spot for a player, add a TBD to the bench or tee sheet. At a later time, you can enter the player's details by clicking on the player action icon and selecting "Edit Player Details". 



  • Add Blind: To insert a blind, hover over the empty slot, click "Add Blind", then select the player to be used as the blind.

  • Edit Tee Time & Hole: Tee times and starting holes can be changed by switching "Edit Tee Time & Hole" to YES, then replacing the current tee time and starting hole information with the new information.

  • Move Pairing Group: Move pairing groups to new rows on the tee sheet using "drag and drop". They will inherit the new starting time and starting hole on that row.

  • Bench Actions: When selecting the bench action drop-down, you can move all the bench players to the tee sheet, or delete them from the event. If moving them to the tee sheet, you can assign them to pairing groups (randomly, AB, ABCD, by entry number, or by custom field). In the sequence below, we are adding the bench players to an empty tee sheet by ABCD.

  • Tee Sheet Actions: When selecting the tee sheet action drop-down, you can reorder players on the bench using various methods (e.g., randomly, ABCD, entry number), move all the players to the bench, delete the players from the event, reassign all the tee times (using the default parameters set in the Event Setup section), or select the tee sheet sorting method (by tee time or by starting hole).

  • Pairing Group Actions: When selecting a pairing group's action drop-down, you can insert a new tee time, move all the players in the pairing group to the bench, and swap the pairing group with another on the tee sheet.

  • Player Actions: When selecting a player's action drop-down, you can edit the player details (e.g., name, Handicap Index, skins participation), swap with another player on the tee sheet, replace with blind, move to the bench, or delete from the event.

  • Print by Pairing Group: You can print scorecards and/or cart signs for specific pairing groups by switching "Print by Pairing Group" to YES, selecting to print scorecards and/or cart signs for the specific pairing group(s), then clicking "Print".



There may be cases where you need to go to Edit Pairings in the Manager Site to further manage the pairings. For instance, you cannot use multiple courses for one event in the Quick Event Setup. To navigate to Edit Pairings in the Manager Site, click "Multi-Course Pairings". You can always come back to Quick Event Setup if needed.


Printed Materials Section:

In this section, you can print all the essential printed material:

  • Tee Sheet: Standard tee sheet displaying the event name, date, course, starting times, starting holes, and players.
  • Scorecards: Printed for every pairing group using the scorecard template selected in the Competition & Scorecard section.
  • Alpha List: Standard alpha list displaying the event name, date, course, players, tees, starting time, and starting hole. The players are ordered by last name.
  • Cart Signs: Standard cart signs displaying the event name, course, players, date, tee, starting hole, and starting tie.

Select the material to print, then click "Print". The selected printed material will be downloaded and saved to your computer.

To create more customizable printed material, you can access the Report Center in the Manager Site in by going clicking "Report Center". You can always come back to Quick Event Setup if needed.

Once your Quick Event Setup is complete, click "Finish". You will then be directed to the Manager Site for the event.

Making Changes in the Manager Site:

There are many functions available in the Manager Site that are not available in the Quick Event Setup. Because of this, we suggest initially creating the event using Quick Event Setup, then take any other necessary actions (not available in Quick Event Setup) in the Manager Site. 

Some examples would be:

  • Creating multiple tournaments (Note: tournaments created in the Manager Site cannot be selected and used in the "Competition and Scorecards" section of Quick Events.)
  • Adding more rounds
  • Entering scores
  • Creating more customizable material in the Report Center

Navigating back to Quick Event Setup:

You can always navigate back to the Quick Event Setup from the Manager Site to make any necessary changes. To do this, go to Event > Edit as Quick Event. After making the changes, click "Finish" to navigate back to the Manager Site.