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Retrieving Handicap Indexes from GHIN

To retrieve GHIN Handicap Indexes for an event or league, follow these instructions:

  1. Enable this function (if not yet enabled) in the League/Event Profile. Go to League/Event Menu > League/Event Profile > Handicap Settings. Go to the Handicap Index Service section (as shown below).


  2. Use the first dropdown menu to choose GHIN. The second dropdown menu can be used to select the type of Handicap Index you'd like to retrieve. You have the following options:
    1. Current: The most recent Handicap Index from the daily revision. This is the most commonly used Handicap Index
    2. Low: Retrieve the lowest Handicap Index that each player has had in the past 3, 6, or 12 months.
  3. Go to Golfers > Access GHIN to update Handicap Indexes.
  4. Select specific players or all players using the check boxes.
  5. Select the update method. In addition to the options discussed in step 2 (above), you can also retrieve Handicap Indexes using the following methods:
    1. Handicap Index on a specific date: Retrieve Handicap Indexes from a specific past date.
    2. Low Handicap Index over a specific date range: Select a start and end date to retrieve the lowest Handicap Index within that date range.
  6. Select the round you would like to update Handicap Indexes for. 
  7. Click "Update".

Handicap Indexes will then be updated.

Players with good last name & GHIN # in your player roster will show in green, players with bad GHIN ID's will show in red, and players with good GHIN #'s but last names that do not match will show in yellow.