What is an eClub membership?

An eClub Membership is one of the 3 types of memberships that are offered by the NCGA and makes it easy to sign up online and start taking advantage of member benefits.

A great part of a NCGA eClub membership is the ability to sign up and start posting scores and making use of benefits within minutes! These memberships are online-based memberships designated by 8 different regions through Northern California, including:

The eClub membership, along with both other membership types, provide you with a GHIN number which allows you to post/track your scores and compete in many different NCGA Tournaments. All 3 membership types include full NCGA Member Benefits. Specific to the NCGA eClubs are a series of eClub tournaments which allow the different regions to face off head-to-head throughout the year.

An eClub membership lasts for a full 12-months from your sign-up date. For example, if you joined on December 18, 2022, your membership will be valid through December 18, 2023. With eClubs, you also have the option to set your membership up to auto-renew. This is a great option for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of manually renewing year in and year out.

You also may be wondering, how do I know which regional eClub I belong in? North Bay or San Francisco? Monterey Bay or South Bay? While there aren't clear cut boundaries for these regions, we recommend joining the club which makes most sense for where you live/play golf.

If you have further questions about the eClub membership, remember that we are always here to help: Contact Us.