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Will my ‘Saved Partners’ list be available on the USGA GHIN Mobile App?

Use USGA GHIN Mobile App feature "Add Golfer"

The ‘Saved Partners’ feature on the myNCGA mobile app will not be automatically available or transferred.

If you have a number of them in your list today, please set aside some time to input them prior to 10/1/22.

USGA GHIN Mobile App Golfer Lookup Star

How To Golfer Lookup:

Step 1:

To save quick lookup, select the ‘Golfer Lookup’ icon in the bottom navigation on the GHIN app.

Step 2:

Search by First Name, Last Name, State or GHIN Number.

Step 3:

Select the 'Star" icon next to the Golfer's name to Favorite Golfer.