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The myNCGA Mobile App is being retired on 10/01/22

Download and use the USGA GHIN Mobile App for all score postings

The NCGA will be discontinuing  the myNCGA Mobile App effective 10/1/2022 and encourages all members to download the USGA GHIN Mobile App to enhance their playing experience. A majority of our members are already using the USGA GHIN Mobile App and it has been steadily adding features, security capabilities and additional functionality such as golf course GPS - not to mention the best integration available with the GHIN system. We believe it is in the best interest of our members that they use the USGA GHIN Mobile App for activities such as score posting, handicap lookups and more. 

If you have not tried the GHIN mobile app, we recommend you download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start using it as soon as it is convenient for you. It has excellent performance and is easy to use.

For step by steps app instructions: How do I transition from the myNCGA App to USGA GHIN Mobile App?.

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